Humanity has reached a critical branch in its evolution. Through ever-evolving technology and deeply rooted egoism, humanity has the ability to participate in its own evolution and thus has the ability to desecrate all life on Earth. The Evolutionary tree of Trans-Humanist Species indicates that the outcome of human- involved evolution is demonstrably flawed and unholy as man himself.

Naturalist Charles Darwin said, “‘Evolution’ is best pictured as a big ‘ol oak tree … with plenty of roots, leaves and mighty branches.” He was crucified by the Church of England upon that same tree in 1859 A.D. In the wake of his excommunication, Darwin founded “Darwinism,” a competing faith-based religion that attempted to unlock the secrets of life and regeneration.

However, as a religion, Darwinism is not without its faults. Darwin himself was a funny little man, severely limited by his own five senses, impacted bowel and cruelly limited experience with the fairer sex. Belief in Darwinian evolution demands faith in causality, i.e. the “cause and effect” relationship. Evolution has largely been misunderstood as the effect of “a grand ‘supernatural’ design,” when in fact the true nature of God clearly indicates that evolution “is, was, and ever shall be” a series of random mistakes over time.