The Museum of Alternative History filters facts through biases. It explores the concepts of confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance in the structure of a natural history museum.

“Art can educate, liberate, and expand people’s horizons.
People can leave with a nugget when their perception is altered.”

June 1 – September 26, 2018 at KANEKO


Tim Guthrie (lead artist)

Al Wildey, Alison Hiltner, Andi Olsen, Andrea Henkels Heidegger, Antonio Jacob Martinez, Aurora Robson, Benjamin McQuillan, Brian Kelly (and students), Brian Wetjen, Cynthia Gehrie, David Giese, Doug Hayko, Elaine Parks, Harrison Martin, Jamie Burmeister, Jar Schepers, Jody Boyer, Julie Schram, Kate Budd, KayCee Wise, Launa Bacon, Larry Buller, Leslie Iwai, Michael Dixon, MTRL Design, Nolan Tredway, Pamela Conyers-Hinson, Patty Talbert, Reagan Pufall, Rebecca Ratzlaff, Taylor Hokanson, Troy J. Muller, Weston Thomson

Justin Kemerling

Davis Schneiderman (lead writer), Jen Dawson, Kelly Haramis, Tim Guthrie, Benjamin McQuillan, Troy Muller, Timothy Schaffert 

Kate Gannon, Patrick Kinney

Ben Semisch



From the collection, the artwork of MoAH is meant to captivate, mesmerize and challenge.

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From the collection, the writing of MoAH is meant to delight, explain and confuse.

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