A few years back, a school board in Texas led by Doc McLeroy began changing textbooks and education curricula to eliminate references to the US founders as slave owners. The school board also called for “Intelligent Design” to be taught as, or alongside, evolutionary science. Even though 99 percent of scientists agree climate change is real and caused at least in part by man, this school board expected 50 percent of the argument to come from climate skeptics, even though in the past, many skeptics have been found to be secretly funded by fossil-fuel interests. McLeroy and the board wanted science to be taught as “just a theory.” They aren’t alone.

The Museum of Alternative History serves as a response to those efforts to change education curricula around the country. In addition, this museum addresses fake, revised and twisted versions of history. This museum is a response to how biased opinions can supplant systematic observation, and measurement, and verifiable experimentation, and hypotheses. It is about using facts — selectively — to make disingenuous arguments based on partisan opinions. It addresses the way personal beliefs can be forced onto others through culture. The Museum of Alternative History offers a selection of the fittest explanations for the nature of the world and universe and alternate histories contrary to ... well ... history.

Explore, think critically, and enjoy.