A few years back, a school board in Texas led by Doc McLeroy began changing textbooks and education curricula so there would be no reference to our Founding Fathers owning slaves. Some school boards want Intelligent Design to be taught as, or alongside, science. Even though 98 to 99 percent of scientists agree climate change is real and caused at least in part by man, some educators want 50 percent of the argument to come from climate skeptics. They want science to be taught as “just a theory."

The Museum of Alternative History is a response to those efforts to change education curricula around the country. It is about a fake, revised and twisted history. It is a show about opinions supplanting facts, or using selective facts to make a disingenuous argument based on opinions. It's about forcing personal beliefs onto others. The Museum of Alternative History offers a selection of the fittest explanations for the nature of the world and universe, and alternate histories contrary to ... well ... history.

The inaugural exhibition will be part of a series of shows leading to a large museum-style exhibition in a few years. Each successive show will be larger and more complicated, ultimately leading to a very large, and very complex show, complete with augmented reality, iPad apps, a wayfinding system (graphic design) and potentially a complex and interactive book.